What Makes Manílife Different?

We are peanut butter done better. We roast a fresh batch every week in the London ManíFactory. We don’t add anything. We just use really good nuts, sourced straight from Cordoba, Argentina. Argentine nuts are naturally sweeter and with a fat profile akin to olive oil, naturally better for you as well. You’ll taste the difference. We promise.

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We hope the wait was worth it. We’re back. The ManíFactory is flying and we are ready to bring ManíMagic to the masses!



” My Family were brought up on it and I have to say yours is the best tasting one I have ever tried!”
Jeremy Clarke
“Just a message to say your peanut butter is the best thing ever! I’ll be purchasing another (large) jar this weekend – thanks for making the best nut butter around.”
Jen Grimble
“I just wanted to let y’all know that you have the best peanut butter ever! Honestly, it’s the only one I’ll eat! Love Your Biggest Fan Ever”
Ammenah Aumeed