The Wild Buns: Gousto x ManiLife Collaboration

We've partnered with the legends at Gousto, to create the one and only, outrageously delicious ManiLife-burger-of-dreams 👀 Imagine this: Peanut butter and jam on a big, juicy, scrumptious burger. The ManiLife PB&J Burger, served with smoky potato wedges, will kick off Gousto’s ‘Wild Buns’ series in celebration of International Hamburger day on the 28th May. 

It’s bucket list stuff, for sure. Peanut butter and jam on a big, juicy, outrageous burger, sound good? It's available now on the Gousto menu, for delivery from Saturday 29th of May. 

PBJ is a cultural phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic. The first recorded peanut butter and jelly sandwich recipe, which suggested using currant or crab-apple jelly, was written by Julia Davis Chandler in 1901 for the Boston Cooking School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics. In the UK it is perhaps more common to combine peanut butter with a sharper, more complex jam such as blackcurrant or something a little sweeter such as strawberry, such as with our friends at Crosstown Doughnut who use ManiLife’s Deep Roast in their classic ‘PBJ Re-imagined’ and Pophams Bakery who use ManiLife in their infamous PBJ Croissant. 

Head over to the Gousto site here to check out the 'Wild Buns' burger menu, now LIVE.