Le Bab x ManiLife Veganuary Partnership

We've partnered up with Modern kebab house Le Bab for Veganuary to create a show stopping three-course vegan menu. Both passionate for re-imagining the traditional with a renewed focus of excellence in craft, produce, flavour and ethics. This special one-off menu will be available at Maison Bab, Covent Garden and Le Bab, Kingly Court, Soho, for the month of January 2022.

To begin, a starter of Roasted tenderstem broccoli florets, dressed with chilli and ManiLife Original peanut butter tahini; for the main course, an umami-laden ManiLife Deep Roast peanut butter satay aubergine pitta, rounding things off with a Chocolate brownie and ManiLife Original peanut butter, miso and coconut custard for dessert.


Le Bab is a modern kebab house serving fusion kebabs with bold flavours - not only are they super ethical, but their food is delicious. Their ingredient-driven approach to the kebab draws on techniques from Michelin starred kitchens and global culinary inspirations, making everything from scratch in-house using seasonal ingredients.

Speaking about the collaboration, Executive Chef Manu Canales says, “We had so much fun working with the ManiLife team for Veganuary. Working out flavour combinations and textures is not always easy, but when you are presented with a product as incredible as ManiLife it’s a total dream - this is a peanut butter of astounding quality! Not only that, they place a focus on sustainability and where ingredients come from, both of which are hugely important to us!”