What makes your products so runny?

2 reasons for this:

  1. We don’t add palm oil. Peanuts are naturally oily and unnatural brands add additional oils, such as Palm Oil, which act as a stabiliser by hydrogenating and the peanut butter. This solidifies the peanut butter which ensures that the oils separate from the paste, but it makes the product much firmer. As we don’t add any such oils over time the naturally occurring oils in the peanut butter can surface to the top. Give it a good stir and it’ll go back to
  2. We blend in small batches. We started ManíLife making 4,000 jars one jar at a time. Properly. small. batches. Whilst our batches aren't quite that small anymore, we've maintained the same principles and pride ourselves as being one of if not the only majorly distributed peanut butter brand in the UK that produces in small batches. Essentially this means we get more air through the product which gives it that extra creaminess. This approach is what makes the indulgently creamy, thick peanut butter you don’t get with in line production. So whilst it’s runny, it shouldn’t be as runny as many other more mass produced unstabilised peanut butters.