About Us

Why we do it?

We exist to make people happy.

Bit cheesy but it's true.

We're taking something healthy that we love and transforming it into a product that makes people happy.

I believe happiness comes through great food, generosity and good company.

Mani̛life is far more than just peanut butter. It’s bringing people together.


The Mani-difference

At Manílife we pride ourselves on creating the tastiest peanut butter through craft, raising this beautiful nut to lofty heights!

This is the part where we share our Mani-secrets...

Single-Estate peanuts

We source all our peanuts from one farm in Córdoba, Argentina.

The real reason we source from these guys is because they are incredible people - they just so happen to have incredible peanuts too!

The peanuts are not only naturally sweeter but as they're hi-oleic, they're better for you too. We only use whole peanuts - high grade 38/42s - 38/42 and never use splits (these are like the off cuts that a lot of brands use - they're cheaper and less consistent).

Roasted by experts

As the original creator of the deep roast we were the first peanut butter brand on earth to start thinking about roasting peanuts the same way master roasters think about coffee. ManiLife prides itself on creating flavour through craft rather than ingredients.

A deeper roast means a deeper flavour. We had to tread carefully as deep flavour can become bitter if you go too far. We think we finally got it right (and have the 3 great taste stars to prove it).

Blend in small batches

We started ManiLife making 4,000 jars one jar at a time. Proper. Small. Batches. Whilst our batches aren't quite that small anymore, we've maintained the same principles and pride ourselves as being one of, if not the only majorly distributed peanut butter brand in the UK that produces in small batches.

Why do we do it?

Next time you have a taste of that thick, indulgently creamy, peanut butter hopefully you'll understand. You don't get that with in line production.

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