Well if you are, you are about to learn how to win a year’s supply of ManiLife!

We want you to tell us why you are #MadAboutMani – and yes, that is a hashtag.

Please share either a picture, a video, a GIF, even a boomerang, using the hashtag #MadAboutMani featuring yourselves and a jar of ManiLife!

The most creative and crazy wins a year’s supply!

For those of you who are more verbally inclined, we do read the captions so please don’t just show us why you love it, tell us too!

There will be lots of reposting, the weekly winner gets a jar, the overall winner wins a year’s supply.

Thank you very much. Lots of Mani-love and let the craziest idea win.


Few rules:

No. 1 - No recipes. I love recipes, but this is not about recipes, this is about you.

No.2 – Partial nudity is accepted, however please no d*** pics.

No.3 - You can have as many entries as you want.

No. 4 - And… Last one is don’t forget the hashtag!