Favourite Bedtime Snack

Dig into this super simple and adaptable recipe for a favourite pre bed snack! Courtesy of Leitchy Creates 🙂


Ingredients – serves one

A handful of frozen raspberries
3 heaped spoonful of full fat live yoghurt/vanilla coconut yoghurt
A small handful of buckwheat/quinoa puffs
A heaped spoonful of mani life deep roast
A small handful of your favourite granola
A sprinkle of chopped nuts/coconut flakes

Plus anything else that takes your fancy and makes you happy.


Mix the raspberries and yoghurt together in a bowl.
Pour over the puffs.
Dollop on a generous spoonful or two of peanut butter.
Scatter over some granola and nuts/coconut flakes.

Dig in!!!!


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