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Maní (noun pl. Maníses) – peanut or groundnut (Latin American)

“ManíLife was inspired by a year spent in Argentina, where I fell in love with the
Argentinian way of life. Whilst working with a peanut butter social enterprise, I also fell in love with Argentinian peanut butter.
It was on visiting, our now partner farm in Cordoba, Argentina, that I discovered the facts behind the magic.”

Argentine peanuts are not only tastier
than the ones at home, they’re better for you as well

It was from this meeting that Manílife was born.
Our aim: to create a peanut butter that is enjoyed like no other

I also want to share the feeling in Argentina where everyone is welcome and everyone is truly present. When you ask an Argentine what they do, they tell you their hobbies not their jobs. Everyone speaks with their hands and their bodies as much as their mouths. Food and drink is a cause for celebration and socialising as much as a fuel for life.

Everything is done together and with passion.

Our vision is it harness the power of the Argentine peanut and unleash what’s possible.. More than eating healthily it’s about living happily..

Through this I want to bring people of all ages and passions together to enjoy and celebrate what I believe is one of the most wholesome snacks in the world.